Meet the Artist! – Bruce Schmalfuss on News 12 Long Island

This interview was done at the height of Titanic mania on News 12 Long Island! While this interview is an aged interview, you can get an idea of the projects I was doing, and where I was going with my work.

This  ten minute segment on building of the Titanic and the carving of Led Zeppelin’s Physical Graffiti. Definitely an exciting time sharing my art work and passions!

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Over the years, I have been working on my technique. Play with textures, shadows and colors. Only with painting can you improve painting. When it comes to rock paintings I have done as late, I really believe some of my best work is this painting here of Freddy and  The Edge I did earlier. I really enjoy the progress I have been making and if I look at work I did in years past an the work I am doing now, I don´t see the same artist. But that´s amazing about continuously working at your craft. Sometimes you see the progress immediately, you see the work you aimed to achieve immediately. And sometimes you see if over years, when you look at the journey you´ve taken with your brush.

I give you, Freddy Mercury, best known as the flamboyant front man of the English band Queen.

Freddie Mercury

Every new place we visit, I try to find that perfect place to paint. Last year I made a trip to England with my wife to visit my daughter and take in some new sites.

While in England, I found that perfect place to paint. Windsor Castle. Such a magnificent and beautiful castle with a rich history!
At this angle, I was able to capture some of the gardens as well as the castle. Each brick is painted, the garden lush and vibrant with color! The original piece is done on canvas, 20×16 in. and painted with acrylic.


2017-04-21 20.39.49

Do you remember the Division Bell I sold? I showed the journey I took in making a new wood plaque of the cover. This time, I wanted to make it using an alternative cover by Storm Thorgerson.


With the close-up, you can get a sense of the carving done to really elevate their look. Storm Thorgerson used metal heads positioned in a field to capture what would become Division Bell’s cover. With acrylic paint and woodwork done to the sculptures, I can elevate them against the backdrop, making them stand out all the more.

29514073_1845234285768967_1107773621_o (1)29632772_1845234339102295_1601965616_o29405241_1845234305768965_1435824406_o29633169_1845234332435629_1224085605_o

This is, by far, my favorite work on canvas to date! The color is vibrant and I was able to capture The Edge in his element, on stage with his guitar!

The Edge


David Howell Evans, otherwise known as The Edge is the is lead guitarist, keyboardist and backing vocalist for U2. Done using acrylic paint, The Edge should be shown in his element, on stage jamming on his guitar. The yellows used add brightness against the darker sky, enabling him to stand out even more!

Previously, I had shared an update to the progress of my latest Guns N Roses. For the first time, I wanted to share the progress and a bit of the journey that goes into making these album covers that I love creating.

I invite you to take a look and share any feedback or comments you have! Does anyone else out there work with wood in this fashion?



A month ago I gave a preview on projects I am working on. I have never really shared projects I am working on during the process. I normally paint during my free time without prying eyes and share the final result once I’ve signed the painting. I don’t know if other artists have that, maybe because I don’t want to share what might not work out but in either case, I am breaking with tradition!

I am very excited about the progress I have made with my new Guns n Roses cover. After learning much from my work with the battleship and Physical Graffiti  I believe this cover is coming out more elevated and detailed. I am really excited how this is coming out! What do you think? Ever work in wood? And as an artist, do you share progress on your work or do you only reveal upon completion?



I’ve been a fan for many years and even had the pleasure to see Tom Petty during his most recent tour this summer. It was phenomenal! That’s what had inspired  my most recent canvas work that I completed end of September. This isn’t the first time I’ve painted Tom Petty but this is my largest and most vibrant piece to date.

I never imagined that it would be the last time I would see Tom Petty. I never imagined he would be gone after inspiring me to paint and bring to life one of his great performances.

His music spanned decades. He inspired so many more than just myself. My completed canvas, inspired from a concert, is my tribute to the legendary Tom Petty.

Runnin down a dream


I know it has been a while since I have written or shared anything. I don’ think I am one with a lot of words, but I will make more effort to keep you up to date on what I’m up to!

So, as some of you might know, I did a replica of the Titanic completely out of wood. I also did the USS North Carolina completely from wood. These projects really taught me a lot about wood working, carving techniques and feel I really honed in my skill with wood, especially with the North Carolina.

I recently sold my latest Guns ‘n Roses so want to do another one. This will be far more detailed than my previous piece. I will be really elevating the three dimensional aspect of the logo.

You can see the original piece, the barrel of the guns are flat. I want to change that and truly make it 3 dimensional! Here is a sneak peak of what I’m up to!

It’s great to see someone who has just as much passion as I do for Rock n Roll! My Guns ‘n Roses has been sold to a customer who really gets rock music and has been a huge fan of Guns ‘n Roses since Appetite for Destruction came out in ’87!

He was great to send some pictures of his Guns ‘n Roses collection with my piece now among his other prized pieces! What a collection!

I appreciate sharing the pictures and seeing where my work goes. Its great, the passion and love continues! Great collection!

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